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“To a bird’s song I listen.
Not for the voice, but for the silence
following after the song.”
Yone Noguchi


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  1. What else can I say, that I have not already said, as follows…

    “ The Sound of Silence ”
    ~ a blissful pleasure ~

    Ah to be free
    Of obstreperous sounds,
    Man’s din vociferous
    That so abounds,
    Ever torturing
    An anguished ear
    Implied inured,
    We’re made to hear
    Too far beyond,
    Man meant endure…

    Oh for the sound
    Of deafening silence,
    A resounding calm
    Of blissful pleasure,
    In the healing balm
    Of an echoes measure,
    You can almost hear
    Thru its quiet whisper,
    That falling tear
    For the sound of silence!

    © Jean-Jacques Fournier

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