. . .

have you ever touched the sun
madness you would say at once
even if you were asked in a dream


its proximity is ecstatically freeing
all-immersing are its rays of light
sheer layers of tulle its cocooning heat
when you leave your shine is as bright

no i am not losing my mind

i should know

for i have touched the sun


the sun

touched me

not only did i not die of that incredible conception
but i also returned with firm determination
to shed fear guilt and self-depreciation
along with assumption blame and expectation


its proximity was ecstatically freeing
all-immersing were its rays of light
sheer layers of tulle its cocooning heat
when i left my shine was as bright

© hülya n. yılmaz, 5.2.2017

23269-bigthumbnail[Image Credit: Mirific Sun]


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5 responses to “. . .

  1. As expressed in its 16th century Scottish origin of awe, WOW, and what a turn around. Indeed as you so claim, you are not loosing your mind, but rather you have recovered it from the grips of past pessimism and pain, thus so with full power in that poetic creative magic and beauty you so aptly compose.

    A magnificent poem dear Hülya in a language style that speaks to us all. You would do well to gather all of the poems you have written in that said style and continue so until you have a sufficient number to publish a book of this enviable and wonderful style.

    Bravo my friend!



    • I am once again speechless before your eloquent words of love for and support of poetry, dear friend, but also what you ever so generously take time for to comment on my poems. Do you know that I routinely hope and look for them, though I never take your insightful kindness for granted? Thank you, dear Jean-Jacques, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having made my poetry something that is appealing to you to this extent.


    • P.S. Dear friend: A book has been long in the coming, under growing pains due to serious time restraints. I am, however, getting more and more determined to make it happen. Thank you also for holding a fellow poet’s hand the way you do.


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