“a wind chime”

it’s man-made
a wind chime that is
who argues
but it stirs to life
at nature’s each whisper

i’ve been swept off of my feet
in my child-self-dances like this
the teenage-spirit’s will to play
hushed itself under social etiquette

then i was made to forget

only in dainty slices of the night
do i achieve silence these days
this one though is much desired
three-wishes-kind-of-a genie-attired

i let my meant-to-be-self flow
she inhales the universe in one go

one step-mime at a time
for she at last is in her prime
in the presence of a wind chime

~ ~ ~

© hülya n. yılmaz, 2.24.2017


Filed under Poetry, Reflections

3 responses to ““a wind chime”

  1. Dearest Hulya . . . no words ❤ love it


  2. How can I, then, dear Jean-Jacques, thank you for your always refreshingly sincere comments I am left in craving for? With your beautifully vocal visit today, you have made me feel like that little girl I used to be, one that I had for long assumed to have no chance to come alive: all smiles, uninhibited as her free spirit dictated; her attention- and affection-seeking “look, how I can dance”-high-chin, at times clumsy but mostly contagiously self-taught dance steps, . . . who has just this minute received her eagerly-awaited round of applause. How can I, really, thank you, dear friend, for giving me such a delightfully sweet gift?


  3. The beauty of this piece of creativity, the poetry of it on a first read has left me, so to speak, breathless! My next read of it, in a slow digesting of its beauty, will be as in the “dégustation” of a great chef’s finest creation, as in a meal to remember. In the meantime, I have to say, your poem “A Wind Chime” is the best poem I’ve read in years. Thank Hülya, you for this beautiful, gentle gift.


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