“a wind chime”

it’s man-made
a wind chime that is
who argues
but it stirs to life
at nature’s each whisper

i’ve been swept off of my feet
in my child-self-dances like this
the teenage-spirit’s will to play
hushed itself under social etiquette

then i was made to forget

only in dainty slices of the night
do i achieve silence these days
this one though is much desired
three-wishes-kind-of-a genie-attired

i let my meant-to-be-self flow
she inhales the universe in one go

one step-mime at a time
for she at last is in her prime
in the presence of a wind chime

~ ~ ~

© hülya n. yılmaz, 2.24.2017


Filed under Poetry, Reflections

7 responses to ““a wind chime”

  1. Dear Hülya,

    You may remember from previous exchanges that I am presently working on my next book of poems. As I was searching for a particular printed item of mine, I ran across your magnificent poem, “a wind chime”. In re-reading it, and your reply to my comment as well, which includes your question of how you can thank me for my comment, the answer just now surfaces. Answer therefore being that you can thank me by allowing me to publish it, in your copyright name, of course, as it appears below, in my next book, number 15.

    Should you prefer that I not do so, feel free to say so in total comfort. Know that the completion of this new book publication of mine will not take place until at least next fall. However if you do agree, please let me know at your convenience.

    Have a good evening…

    Your friend and admirer,




    • What an unexpected delight of a request, dearest Jean-Jacques! I feel humbly honored to have “a wind chime”, one of my all-time favorite poems (believe me: I do not have many among my poems, of which I am any fond of). It will be a privilege for me to be included in your 15th book (even in writing the number itself, I stand in high respect, awe and admiration for you). I already look very much forward to your eloquent presentation of your poetry in your new book (heartiest congratulations, dear friend), to which I hope my modest poem would dare to have its miniscule touch. Thank you for your poetry, thank you for your continuous support of my writings, thank you for your friendship, and thank you for giving me the delightful opportunity to be embraced by you as you have done so many times. Your friend and admirer (my apologies for echoing your words in their exactness but I could not conceive of a more true of a sentiment of my own) ~ hülya


  2. Dearest Hulya . . . no words ❤ love it


  3. How can I, then, dear Jean-Jacques, thank you for your always refreshingly sincere comments I am left in craving for? With your beautifully vocal visit today, you have made me feel like that little girl I used to be, one that I had for long assumed to have no chance to come alive: all smiles, uninhibited as her free spirit dictated; her attention- and affection-seeking “look, how I can dance”-high-chin, at times clumsy but mostly contagiously self-taught dance steps, . . . who has just this minute received her eagerly-awaited round of applause. How can I, really, thank you, dear friend, for giving me such a delightfully sweet gift?


  4. The beauty of this piece of creativity, the poetry of it on a first read has left me, so to speak, breathless! My next read of it, in a slow digesting of its beauty, will be as in the “dégustation” of a great chef’s finest creation, as in a meal to remember. In the meantime, I have to say, your poem “A Wind Chime” is the best poem I’ve read in years. Thank Hülya, you for this beautiful, gentle gift.


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