“a heart’s burial”

it wasn’t meant to be
that much i do know
your print on my soul
will not reason though

atop the shards of my shell . . .

one may conclude i do move on
while without cease i continue to quest
for my long forgotten unrecognizable self
which only with you was always at its best

with no sign of relent
my trapped-in you-heart is set
on repeat rewind
rewind repeat . . .

outside my four chambers
i keep waiting for that evasive day
when i may feel warmth again
to succeed in putting it to its final rest

© hülya n. yılmaz, 8.20.2016


Filed under Impulses, Poetry, Reflections

4 responses to ““a heart’s burial”

  1. A wonderful poem indeed Hûlya, your “heart’s burial”. It has all the ingredients of resolve to deal with the dying days of destructive emotions. The kind of emotions we humans find unable to escape, at some vulnerable point or other in our lives. Fortunate we are if it be for but one such experience, and the afflicted find a way out, in the manner your poem seems to suggest time will allow. Your last line of “warmth again to succeed in putting it to its final rest” gives that positive soupçon (hint) of hope. Well done my friend!

    Jean-Jacques Fournier


    • Once again, your readings of my poems give me such reassurance for what I am attempting to verbalize that I always leave this site with much gratitude to you – for taking the time not only to visit my blogs but also to honor my poetry with comments so indispensable to me. Thank you, dear friend.


  2. a sad beautiful . . . loved it . . .


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