. . . to love lethally

doluya koydum almadı boşa koydum dolmadı*
an enigmatic bait that has given
to ceaseless compulsion

overused misused abused
glorified nevertheless
embraced by tens of thousands
multiplying at warp speed

subjecting no one to discrimination

intoxicating billions
with the other eternal charge . . . 

what would their first utterance be
if the dead were to confess 

those babies deserved nothing but a tender caress


love came onto our path disguised as dedication to hate . . .


© hülya n. yılmaz, 7.30.2016 

*A colloquial Turkish phrase, equaling in English to: “I could find no solution for it.”

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5 responses to “. . . to love lethally

  1. Words composed so, that leaves one speechless, as to respond in a manner that is worthy… without having absorbed the full power of its sad but realistic state, a man made state that is, of this world in which we must endure live. Extraordinary!


    • Anonymous

      Dear Jean-Jacques, I have allowed the darkness that blankets earth more often than not these days to get to me. The same destructive intensity has, as oral and written traditions tell us, reigned over the same world time and time again. But, reading about dark times surely pales next to actually witnessing them. To ease my pained reaction, I had first written down a short prose. Then this utterance you find extraordinary took over. Thank you for your insightful comments of exceptional eloquence – and I am not referring only to your words of today. In stark contrast, I am negligent in advancing my time management skills and feel selfish for not being there for the conversations over your exquisite poetry. I want to hope that you will accept my apology for lacking gravely in reciprocation. With my best wishes, dear friend.


      • No apologies required nor any reciprocation called for, as the work must stand on its own, thus have sufficient merit or reason to cause purpose or need of reply…! One does what one can, with available time and mindset of the moment. I know you are there my friend, and that counts.


  2. it saddens my heart to even consider 😦


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