Annulling the Old Self

. . . overlooked the rating
my fatal mistake

too old indeed for this cliché

mental age
a mere PG-13 as yet

apologies galore
an unknown tongue

a pre-natal giver
compensation for the self
a baneful embryo
beyond the reach of life and death

on the edge of the salty drops for evermore

. . .

no more!

no longer willing to carry
emotional baggage for two
that of the old and the new
rendezvoused thus
the first with its end 

. . .

sleeping naked tonight
stripped off of the fabric of my favorite clinging

or the so-called events of the past

the big wall clock across my bed
lightened now as it is disassembled
my cleansed head resting on the big hand
the small hand covering me ever so tenderly

come to me tonight oh sweet embrace
you desperately awaited
 rate of G

. . .


© hülya  n. yılmaz, 4.21.2016

~ ~ ~
This poem came to me as an inspiration after a wonder-filled opportunity I had a while back to view – among many others – one stunning painting by the remarkable artist of international acclaim, Helene Ruiz. My heartfelt thanks to you, dear Helene. You will know to which one of your memorable painted art pieces I am referring.




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2 responses to “Annulling the Old Self

  1. It certainly was for me, dear Jean-Jacques: A masterful piece of art, to use your exact words. I had conceived a few lines of a poem after the painting’s impact on me while I was on the road a long while ago. And then, this poetic attempt came alive. While I have yet to achieve “a relaxing breath”, the intent was to indulge in at least a moment of peace.


  2. It must indeed be a masterful piece of art to have inspired such a descriptive, and beautiful poetic rendering, of potentially finding the way beyond what is or has become a discordant encumbrance. Beautiful… one can almost feel, “le soupir de la paix” a relaxing breath of peace in the making!


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