Bir dreisprachiger poem-draft

böyle sevilmez

i loved

o mu

could not have

seven mahvetmez

thema durch war ich für ihn am ende

but also a few undefined times before

in klaren verhåltnissen zu leben

arzusuna geçti uzun senelerinkinin yerine

gene hiç uyarmadan sakince birdenbire

aber du unverbesserlicher ignorant

keep refusing against your will still

dich aus deiner herzenstiefe zu befreien

bu kadar da aşka muhtaç olur mu bir can

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

© hülya n. yılmaz, 4.12.2016


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4 responses to “Bir dreisprachiger poem-draft

  1. Though I detected 4 lines, as in …
    i loved,
    could not have
    but also a few undefined times before
    keep refusing against your will still…

    Though I’ve German and Turkish friends, their language are well beyond me, and alas I must struggle on with but the two I have, French and English.

    However the 4 lines tempt me to compose an alternate, but honesty prevails, and I will let imagination suffer silently with the abstract picture it may eventually choose to produce.

    Apologies from a dictionary lazy poet…!

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    • You are a rare gentle man, dear poet friend, always generous with your words of interest, support, encouragement and your engaged and engaging responses to my often unrestrained poetic outbursts. I am addicted to your sharing of your insight into my writings with me. My intent with this piece was (and still is) to enable the fragments their independent meaning within the three different languages. I know I must work on it. In the meantime, I will indulge in the gift you have given me with your after-thought. For the legible 4 lines of your mention having tempted you “to compose an alternate” but then leave it all to your imagination is the best interpretation of my unconventional attempt here. Apologies are in order but from me to you …


  2. I only understood two lines that were in English. I tried. 🙂 Happy Sunday.

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    • Thank you for “trying” to decode my poorly formulated enigma, dear Paulette. Even as a draft, it puts the reader in an unfair disadvantage. But you see, that effect was what I had intended. So, please do come back! I promise I will stay away -as much as I can 🙂 from experiments like this one. Have a wonderful week whatever is left of it. ❤

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