Reblogged: A Poem by Jean-Jacques Fournier

Poetry on a canapé – A journey through Jean-Jacques Fournier’s poetry

I am the colour

Of human disorder,

That shades the stay

Of man made suffer,

While held at bay

Be caused such pallor,

In ominous way

With spurious cover,

Feigning fair play

Thus to be coloured,

With doubtful recover

For fated mankind,

Bearing colour be mine!

© Jean-Jacques Fournier

via “ I Am The Colour ” ~ of human disorder ~ — Poetry on a canapé


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6 responses to “Reblogged: A Poem by Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. I am humbled and ever so thankful for all these generous and kind words, as well as the honour of you publishing my poem ” I am the colour ” – of human disorder – that of which man has done little to redress, and if anything keeps sinking ever lower. Sorry for my cynicism, tho I do keep hoping.
    Thank you, right from the heart, dear Hülya !

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    • I appreciate your cynicism more than ever before, dear Jean-Jacques. It seems that we are forced to resort to such venues in these times of great confusion. grave despair, and a tremendous lack of ‘redressing’ issues “of human disorder”. Thank you for your poetry. Thank you for you. From the bottom of my heart!


  2. He’s a very talented poet. So nice of you to share his work.


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