. . . an attempt at escapism . . .

on my half-hour sanity break
right before the daily grind dims my faint light
in desperate need for an outlet of ease
emotions run high
way too high

only that one Turkish TV series will do
as melodramatic as an audio-visual lift can be
the camera follows the tear-clad remorse-bathed 
magnetizing tragedy-filled episodes 
one after another

still among the living 
the loved and loving ones 
refresh the ground of the rashly poured soil 
a water bin waits by their side for its turn 
while they ask for forgiveness over and over
all hopes abandoned

yet again and again
wishing against all odds
a worldly sign to pay them a visit 
they will crowd each of the graveyards

to hear a 
forgive me 
resonate inside their own . . . 

hülya n. yılmaz, March 28.2016
A post-mortem dedication to 
Dr. Mahmut Oğuz Ergün (5.7.1931-3.28.2015),
my larger-than-life uncle - my last beloved 
on my mother's side of the family


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2 responses to “. . . an attempt at escapism . . .

  1. love it . . . nice thoughts and writing 🙂

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