. . .eating food with no flavor

she had moved to the shallow waters

as she no longer dared to care for depth

a jet ski then appeared from nowhere   

not heeding her transparent fragility

it drove over her petite stature with speed

razored her surrounding waves one by one

her limbs were now violently taken apart . . .

piece by piece she began to fall into the sky

flew and flew on the wings of her freezing tears

higher and higher into the vast stagnant open sea

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

© hülya n. yılmaz, 3.13.2016


 [Free Online Image]


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6 responses to “. . .eating food with no flavor

  1. Something to dwell upon for an extended and intriguing period, one will find to interpret the picture you paint, according to mood and mindset of the moment.Excellent! Nice to hear from you on my “Dismay” piece. Hope all is well.

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    • I wish you could have seen the smile that kept broadening on my face, dear Jean-Jacques, while I was reading your comment on this poem. To be understood to this extent is a rare gift to anyone who does creative writing. You have given me that gift numerous times already, a gesture I always embrace with much gratitude. I thank you also for setting aside time for such a generous comment, even though you are surrounded by the demands of your new poetry projects. On that note, please accept my apology for not being the kind of reader-friend to you as you are to me with incredible grace. Thank you for always finding a way to reach to the innermost depth of my being, a psyche that tries to ease its share of life’s ills in the companionship of the poetic word. I hope all is well with you and yours and wish you pleasure in your continuous creation of your uniquely beautiful poetic work.


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