…begging your muse to…

Together with Demetrios Trifiatis – a dear friend in the written arts, I am currently working on a book of poetry, both of us having envisioned a world where peace will rule. Yes, we all have heard this wish, dream, desire, hope, expectation, or whatever we may end up calling it, many times before. Still, this caring soul and I can’t stop from at least making our own attempt to spread the word for the anti-thesis of hatred and what feeds it. While my co-author has composed poems well beyond our book’s capacity for the time being, my work is pending. More often than not I find myself searching for words for the overwhelming inspiration I have deep inside me. When I most recently caught myself in yet one other no-match-situation as far as my good will being frowned down upon my pen’s capacity, I went through most of my previous poems for help. The one I am sharing with you today has its poet pleading with the muse of poetry and music…enough said, I suppose?




i beg of you hear my plea

shield the natal passion

the first resolve to forget

the quest for the new breath

the now

the here


my desire

to define

the divine

rid me of yesteryear

free me from the self

watch my soul reject its cage

sate my shadow’s final plea

let it soar in its primal roar

see its essence prance in trance

help me shape the freshened day

© hülya n. yılmaz, March 20, 2015

“Euterpe” was published in the April 2015 issue of The Year of the Poet, a monthly book series published by Inner Child Press, Ltd. Each month, this book consists of poem contributions made by nineteen authors, The Poetry Posse and featured poetry by others.


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4 responses to “…begging your muse to…

  1. I must be living a sheltered life, for this is my first read of this beautiful poem, that understandably was selected for publication by The Year of The Poet. Chapeau chère ami Hülya. How have you been…!


    • How I missed your presence here, dear friend! And your kind comments about my poem drafts. I am on your e-mailing list for friends, and through that venue I receive indirect news that you are well. Anything you share there are texts I welcome with enthusiasm. So: thank you. How have I been, you ask? There have been several ordeals -my share of what life “grants” us all. These days, however, the road is being less bumpy…How have YOU been? Wishing you the best, as always.


      • Happy to hear that your road is now less cumbersome, knowing that the rough patch you endured was not easy. As to my road, I can only see a level surface for me, purposely keeping a blind eye to all that is in the shadows, save speaking out against man’s ceaseless abuses upon our fellow creatures, both four and two legged. Which by the way I intent to do as long as life permits. Until our next exchange then, and in the meantime do be kind to yourself for the little one and all else who cherish your presence. As well, let us stay in touch, as I do hope that the gods will one day grant that we should meet, en personne très chère ami.

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        • Enchanting words of elegance from you greet me on this day when I had not expected to log in to this site, dear Jean-Jacques. What you are eloquently state regarding “a blind eye” we “purposely” don – with exceptions, as you note, is an endeavor I also lean on; often, for my own emotional survival amidst “man’s ceaseless abuses upon [all] our fellow creatures”. How can we not continue to stay in touch, while we share and contemplate on the core aspect of humanity’s predicament. Perhaps, as you hope, joining me, we will meet, indeed. As always, you have my best wishes for anything you endeavor in.


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