“the after”

in contagious passion of all our unlived

we kept writing each other again and again

from you i had learned the love for a man

this time anew you tried as hard as back then

but my pain lasted beyond your reach to soothe

i digged out that poem’s title

its remaining verses came along

Can Dündar had lined up your fear for me

i must have worried you beyond my capacity

for musalla taşı* was a most somber thought for my after

© hülya n. yılmaz, February 16, 2015

* A stone platform on which the dead body is placed with its closed coffin to receive a final goodbye along with a specific prayer– a core element for Muslim burial ceremonies. The body is then carried in its coffin to the burial site to be lowered and covered with fresh soil inside a plain white cloth – without the coffin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The poem above is one of my three contributions to the March 2015 issue of The Year of the Poet, a monthly book series published by Inner Child Press, Ltd.

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