my Sunday reflections…

Dear All,

In two years, yesterday was the first time I had to miss my weekly post for us. I have been sick for quite some time and have been spending all my days in the hospital since Sunday night, August the third – and an estimation of a particular date for matters to be clearing for me is impossible at this point. Today is the first day I am able to tolerate sitting up long enough to write to you about the uncertainty as to when I am going to be able to proceed with my weekly writings.

Wishing you all a great heath-filled time until we meet here again.

With love and in gratitude.


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12 responses to “my Sunday reflections…

  1. Sorry to learn of your I’ll health, Hülya, for such a long period. Rest and get well soon especially with the existing pandemic present conditions in the US and the world over. We will be here for you when you are back to your normal self.
    Good luck dear friend!

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    • My dear, kind, thoughtful friend: I am replying to your incredibly warm comment with utter embarrassment because my reply comes in this late. Please accept my sincere apologies! Hoping that all is in the best possible order with you and all your loved ones, I am sending you a rush order of love and light.


  2. sending loving energy … 💙 🌼


  3. Marietta

    Wishing you the best for a quick recovery.


  4. Tatsat

    Oh. This is bad news. I loved reading up your sunday updates, and in fact looked forward to it as one of weekend fun outings!
    I really hope that you get well as soon as possible, and resume blogging.
    Every time I read something about Turkey in the newspaper, I am reminded of you 🙂 For some reason or the other, there are a lot of news in that section these days.


    • So sweet of you, dear Tatsat, to make me feel I can be missed/my writing can be missed. As soon as I am strong enough, I will be back to my writing. I miss it so very much. Sending my best wishes your way, dear friend!


  5. Teoman

    Merhab Hülya,

    Geçmiş olsun. Ne oldu, şimdi nasılsın? İnşallah çok yakında iyileşirsin haberini bekliyorum,

    Çok sevgiler,


    Sent from my iPad



    • Sevgili Teoman, cevap veremedim, iki haftadır hastanedeyim, iki ameliyat ve maalesef onun ötesinde Bağışıklık Sistemi hastalığımdan ve de/veya onun ilacından ortaya çıkan envayi çeşit enfeksiyon ve komplikasyonların her biri bu yaz üst üstüste üstüme yığıldı. Düne eve çıkarıldım. Çok iyiyim şimdilik. Sadece çok sıkı kontrol altında tutulmam gerekiyor. Karaciğer rakamları bütün uzmanlarıma ter döktürdü, halen tetikteler. Ilgine çok teşekkür ediyorum. Merak ettirmek istemezdim, fakat yazmama imkan yoktu. Sevgiler. Minnettarlığımla.


  6. Sending love and healing best wishes! Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


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