…still gone fishin’



August 17, 2014 · 7:00 am

4 responses to “…still gone fishin’

  1. I took some time off tonight from working on my book of poetry in progress #11. I felt the need to seek out some of your own marvellous poetry, and in the process of less than efficient to get at it, I stumbled on you mention of your present ill health for the last month. You have to know how sorry I am to hear this, and can but hope that the vibes of my well wishes for your speedy recovery reaches you in a positive manner. Also that whatever has you bed ridden is not overly serious, allowing you to get back to your grandson and father of whom I read and saw beautiful pictures, including you at age three.

    Again my wishes for a speedy recovery my very dear friend Hülya, and please let me know how you are, by blog or e-mail. You have me feeling most anxious for your well being!

    Your friend, Jean-Jacques


    • The warmth of your words filled my eyes with elated tears, dear Jean-Jacques. I may burden you with details via e-mail, since my coded post on the subject has worried you. At a time like this, you have made me feel that the wonder medication has been discovered, after all: a friend’s love and caring heart. I sign off for now in gratitude for yours.


      • You read me well my very dear Hülya. May the love of caring hearts precipitate the obligation of the gods of speedy recovery make haste with their task of returning you fit and joyous to they who’ve dire need of your presence. If I may be so bold, I dare include something of me at least as a truly most admiring friend. Jean-Jacques


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