what is the matter with the world today?


(Black Rose of Halfeti, Turkey)


My heart is heavy today. It has been for a while. Not because of an unfortunate development in my life, or in the lives of my family and friends. It is due rather to an ongoing accumulation inside that red ticking box of mine of the terrifying news from South Sudan, Chibok, Nigeria, Lahore, Pakistan, Southern Asia, Africa at large, Latin America, the Caribbean, Turkey, Germany and the United States. Coming to terms with the extent of violence that has occurred and keep occurring hasn’t been possible for me this time. Then again, I often get this way: become non-functional, if I let too much sorrow from around me seep through me. This time, I had to let it bleed to a poem attempt.


what’s the matter with the world today?


it is not one sweetest Malala only to feel forlorn

nor a love-filled Farzana helpless outside her unborn

the countless still remaining ageless nameless and faceless

halved alive after witnessing butchery of their newborns

or etched to the bones with their hunters so sadistic

their supplies had mercy to end it all at last


i think of




scorched dispensable innocents in sky-high districts

in routine safe A to B B to A making-a-living-transits

walking explosives under modesty cloaks in pregnancy disguise

the piloting sons their heroes they may not even a second despise

for mauling to their stone-aged lairs more and more younger child brides


i think of




papas selling infant daughters

mamas in silence guilty standing by

brothers uncles nephews proud to lend a capable hand

a bowed head from in-lawed blood-seekers no longer a demand

sisters aunts nieces even if at all around

don’t dare or care anymore to disband


i think of




hülya n yılmaz – June 28, 2014







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14 responses to “what is the matter with the world today?

  1. An explosive piece, dear Hûlya… reflecting today’s world in its ever increasing inhumanity. The ambiguity of man’s evolution and the development that gives him the power and tools to refine his growing level of cruelty. A power description of reality, that paints man’s progress. Yes sad indeed.


    • This issue and related ones haunt me, dear Jean-Jacques. Being aware of the potential of world problems, I still can’t seem to shake off my thoughts on this particular dilemma. And every time I hear something “new” on this matter, I am saddened to the extent that for days I am shaken from the core.


  2. its so nice and helpful….


  3. Aziz M Tehrani

    Dearest Hulya,
    You forgot to add: Iraq.Syria,Iran,Afghanistan ( Meadle Eeast ) .You are right dear,where is the world going on. It seems,God hath created an infinite tablecloth with infinite food stuff on it,but they are all going to tear,destry the tablecloth and burn all the foodstuff with their own hands !!!!!!!


    • Dear Aziz, thank you for adding so appropriately more countries. I must admit I did not leave those out with any purpose – or, maybe, yes, I have: if I had included all relevant, my poem would have ended to be an epic one – a genre I am not at all fit to even make an attempt toward…You will understand how I mean this, as we have to some extent communicated about this on a different platform. And all is done in the name of religion, isn’t it? What an irony, to state the obvious!


      • Aziz M Tehrani

        Dear Hulya,
        You are right. I wonder if there were no religion at all,how people treated each other and did business solemnly in different countries .We ( you and me !!) would like to have a world without any war .There has been an old English proverb: Make Love , not war .How the words of broadminded friends like you make us calm and relaxed,even temperarily ! because then we listen to the NEWS !!!!!
        Friends who like to meet each other,either meet with their bodies,or …… with their souls. We will stay friends permanently,dear Hulya .


  4. Anonymous

    The culmination of sensitivity, the epitome of care for a wild world that makes the righteous bleed to death! Excellent piece adelfi mou!


  5. How very sad indeed. Thank you for your poem Hulya!


    • Kathy, “we” are being forced to insensitivity toward world occurrences that matter the most and probably need our attention the most. I believe “we” can do more. Thank you for your visit and comment.


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