Toward a book project, “letter-poems to the beloved” – Week Four

…semester’s last week is now over…final essays and assignments, assessment and grading steps are still at my door, awaiting attention…therefore, I am leaving you with yet another poem of mine in lieu of my customary Sunday reflections and look forward in much anticipation to our next meeting. May this day and next week  bring you wonders you will experience with childlike curiosity-filled eyes.



Photography Credit: Romeo Koitmae


no ether


does the record date back to the early eleventh century?

you would know, my love, we also shared our profession:

they would seize the patient in a prolonged procession

to the bloody altar slowly they would lower him down

in the agony of his existing pain he would partially drown

with a swift gash, his appendix, liver or one of the intestines

would reappear before everyone’s eyes in its carnage glory


can you see now, my beloved, how it had felt

not from your’s – the intact one…

but since my alive autopsied end?


© hülya n yılmaz – March 27, 2014

From the “letter-poems to the beloved” collection



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