Toward a book project, “letter-poems to the beloved” – Week Three

…thank you for bearing with me the last two times and for the next two more times…while I only offer you my poems…I hope to return to my usual style of reflections, once my semester ends…just around the corner…As always before, I very much look forward to your next visit. May you have a laughter-filled Sunday and an identical new week.



Photography Credit: Serhat Demiroğlu


still playing


i was to be removed

not for lack of love or means

for fear of that dreadful disease


had since my share of ravened joys macaw-donned ills

sets of chains of shackled years eternalized my fasting

trite servings heaped on my plate with no shame

a honeyed blessing it was that you came


dabbed from my mind any fear of intimacy

flavored each morsel on my tray to utmost ecstasy

kneaded for me passionate love into life’s bleak reality


just when

my lungs closed up to solely heed your affectionate breath

the scarlet chamber learned to refuse a beat without yours…


the moment came that made you leave me


i was to be removed

am now orphaned by a cruel bliss

patiently await the end to grant me its fawning kiss


© hülya n yılmaz – March 26, 2014

From the “letter-poems to the beloved” collection




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