4 responses to “The Baby Boomer Generation: Finances

  1. Well done Hulya! Quite a reality check for us baby boomers.


  2. Feel really sad and hope that I can learn the lessons and do not have to have the same regrets 20 years from now. But then, its all destiny, no matter how hard we try, we may ultimately not get what we want or need. I hope you are fighting back and ready to keep this battle on as long as you can.


    • I hope you will have no regrets regardless of how many years down the road. As for all being “destiny”, I have some reservations only in the trust when it comes to “all”. I believe to some (reasonable) extent we do have some direction we can give to our own lives but that topic is way too complicated and will take you and me away from the one at hand. Thank you for your kind words expressing your concern. I am fighting back (at whatever that may be) and have been making new plans to combat the losses to a decent extent. But then again, aren’t we all in a similar struggle – unless, of course, we are privileged in financial terms from birth on? Thank you very much for listening again. It is always very good to see you here!


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