“Sinop” Essay: Friends’ Comments with my heartfelt thanks

Comment/Feedback 2:

I think you have captured the emotion and drama (trauma) that your main character goes/went through with her struggle to leave her marriage and “find herself” in her hometown filled with fond memories.   She believes to be able to find peace going back to the place that reminds her of the unconditional love of her mother and other relatives (esp. her uncle, Doktor Bey).  We all remember with delight those carefree, loving days of our childhood.  But things did not work out as your character hopes because of the drama (trauma) that follows her.  The experience of renovating that house was therapeutic for her though.  Unfortunately, very costly, but therapeutic.   Hopefully  your literary recounting of your character’s experiences will help others who are going through similar experiences.  I liked the way you worked the poem into the story.

Your essay is very well written. … Keep writing my dear friend…. Keep writing…..I think you have a winner!

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