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“Early Morning”

The silence of the new day called my name.
To hear it is a fierce struggle.
Indoors and outdoors,
the so-called modern world
is up already.

Shame is on me.
What a shame!

Hearing the noise of my mind anew,
while nature spreads its grace before me
on a table of gently rustling tree branches,
scurrying little critters – no birds in sight yet.
I miss them so!

I wanted to listen to my breath.
I craved to hear my heartbeat,
like that of a newborn
to cleanse my soul from all the ills
humanity has crafted for itself for too long.

Oh, I do long,
long for the calm, the quiet
so much so that I feel much unease
at the sound of my thoughts, my worries.

A new dawn will break tomorrow,
and I shall free the self from sorrow,
for a brand new day will shine upon our earth
when we all pitch in for the globe’s renewed birth.

I will then listen to my breath.
I will then hear my heartbeat,
like that of a newborn
to cleanse my soul from all the now-ancient ills
humanity has crafted for itself for too long.

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, September 8, 2019


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I am thrilled about being a sponsor of the World Healing World Peace, 2014 initiative!

World Healing World Peace

Dear Readers,

If you also believe in the dire need in our world for a force of peace to counter-balance the warring mentalities, please join me in helping spread the word around.

World Healing World Peace Official Website
World Healing World Peace on Facebook
World Healing World Peace Funding Site


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“World Healing World Peace”

My Dear Readers:
You have known my writings for a while now; hence, you know that I don’t post a direct call for anything.  Out of character, I am sharing a long quote with you today, namely about a project that is close to my heart.  I have just about had it with warring mentalities.  With violence.  All around the world.  I believe a domino effect can and will be possible, if peace-oriented people unite.  I hope you will read the information and plea below to see what one large group of people – myself included – have been trying to bring long overdue attention to not only thoughts on but written words for peace as a wide-spreading conscientiousness among the world’s non-violent residents.  As always, you have my heartfelt thanks for listening.
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Inner Child Magazine

Back in 2012 Inner Child and Inner Child Press went Global with it’s first formal effort in working towards elevating the Consciousness of World Healing, World Peace through Poetry. It was a huge success.

This time around instead of running the effort as a Contest for Publishing we are looking toward the distribution of this consciousness we all contribute. We will be placing copies of this offering of the World Poets in the hands of all Member Nations of the United Nations (193) as well as each Voting Member of the United States Congress (535). we need to bring them to the consciousness of the People and make them succinctly aware of how we feel that they may become more responsive to the will of the People, regardless the Geography. To achieve this end we have gathered Souls all over the World to assist the effort, and we hope that you may join us as well in the sharing of the Links that more people become aligned. This not only affect us who are here, but those who are to come.

There are other ways you may help as well . . . consider making a contribution to the cause here : For Contribution

Check out this Month’s Feature at the Magazine and see how you can lend your voice to the good of us all here, and those to come.

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