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Welcome back, dear reader!  True: this Wednesday post is “Filed under ‘Sunday Reflections’.”  True: it is still only Wednesday.  The day of the week when I published a new post here, since the late night I created this blog site months ago.  Now, I have some changes for you (other than in the site’s immediate appearance):

As before, I will continue to meet with you weekly over a new writing but I will do so on the weekend instead of mid-week.  I hope you will like the timing as much as I.  In a hopeful attempt at easier navigation, the menu titles along with the posts in each have also undergone modification.  It is my weekly posts, however, that will reflect the major transformation.  While in the past they had consisted of my literary work at large, my non-literary writings will serve for their content from this Sunday on.  I look forward to your visit this weekend, and beyond when you may decide to stop by again.


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