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a fireball of tears (on storiesspace.com and on WritersCafe.org)

Don’t be burning, oh heart;

don’t be yearning

for those who can’t afford a love like you,

mistake life for this and that routine,

hold on to joys so dull and mundane.


You are in misery,

burnt from the core.

They can’t possibly cease,

these fireball tears.

And yet, one hopeful day,

also this hurt will fade away.


Don’t be dismaying, oh heart:

You will not always be ablaze.

You took your other half as love,

devoted to it your innermost.

However mesmerizing it has been

A mere mirage is all that it was.


Don’t be yearning, oh heart;

don’t be burning.

You loved to self-annihilate

What difference does it make?

Someday, this burn, too, will abate.




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