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The Comfort Zone ~ 1

I remember my initial studies of Western literary traditions. The divide that stayed in my mind was compacted in the statement, “Poetry for Poetry’s Sake”. Later on, I began to write poetry anew. I too subjected myself to such entrapment. Life has been teaching me a different lesson for a while though. Or better yet, a higher level of consciousness has been educating me all over again. My physical and spiritual eyes and ears have opened up to the realities of fellow humans near me, but also in far-away lands. Awareness has come to my doorstep with a vengeance. Every time my emotions prompt me to compile words about my personal being, I pause and listen. Listen with my soul. To the unfoldings all around the world. The suffering of humans is immense. I know, I am physically not able to do anything about that fact. Writing about them, however, is in my power yet. “Poetry for Poetry’s Sake”? I don’t think so! For, there is so much more that I can do to serve as a reminder what each of us is capable. If not through writing, then by listening and reacting to pained voices all over the globe for sure.

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, 3.11.2019

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