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It is not even the month before the one of Fathers’ Day.  Yet, my reflections today are about fatherhood. That state of being for a man enters my mind in severity at least every time my daughter sees her father.  Today is the day after one of those occasions.  Two statements on the subject had actually attracted my attention long time ago.  One, from an anonymous source: “Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.”  The other, a Shakespearean quote: “It is a wise father that knows his own child.”

Of course, the same is true for mothers but my thoughts today dwell only on the “father” and in lyrical form, at that.


before the divorce already

the siblings’ sole concern

the brother’s lack of a wife

someone gets found

another stashed away

by a friend

just in case…


where was the “father”?

after the daughter left for abroad

once her marriage news was in

her husband’s information came about

upon their settlement back in town?


she, no longer afar

with years adding to years

precious time passing all by


still, in full rejection of him

thus, of the daughter as well


how does she survive


what does she need


is she happy


does he treat her well


the siblings question in surprise

what bad did your father ever do?


I ask:

what is he now willing and able to do

to deserve a daughter like you


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Shakespeare (1564-1616)

I always feel happy.  Do you know, why?  Because, I expect nothing from anyone.  Expectations always cause a hurt.  Life is short.  Therefore, love life.  Be happy and continue to smile.  Live only for yourself and; – Listen before you talk, – Think before you write, – Earn before you spend, – forgive before you pray, – feel before you hurt someone, – Love before you hate, – Try before you give up, – Live before you die.  Such is life.  Feel it, live it and like it.


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William Shakespeare (1564, baptised – 1616)

“To unpathed waters, undreamed shores.”

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