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Silence amid “Severe Weather” alerts

For the last couple of days, I have spent priceless moments with Gulls, ducks, Squalls, euphoric waves of Lake Erie, thick-sand-fly arounds, snow-storm-wannabes, icicle-touch-like misty air, a scalp-biting cold, the indecisive Sun, the Hide-and-Seek-Moon and we-prefer-to stay-dry-stars. Amid a mesmerizing collection of exquisite flavors of human interaction to sate the most selective heart, offered by complete strangers.

None of what I say above is make-believe. I have been on one of my yearly short trips to my most precious destination: Silence. Of the familiar. To better hear what is resonating, unearthing, asking, even singing and dancing outside…

Having just come back, with my body’s endurance being what it is, I will leave my favorite life source now and seek some physical rest -away from my desk. There is so much more, though, that I would absolutely love to share with you. About this traveling endeavor and on other matters involving us all. So, I will be back. I hope you will too.


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