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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life








Photo Source: Nazım Hikmet



In the circle of life

it’s the wheel of fortune

it’s the leap of faith

it’s the band of hope

‘til we find our place

on the path unwinding

in the circle…, circle of life


Some of us fall by the wayside

and some of us soar to the skies

and some of us sail through our troubles

and some have to live with the scars


Lyrics Source: Elton John,”Circle of Life”



I can’t be the only one who falls “by the wayside”, who has “to live with the scars”; whose emotional element overpowers reason; for whom the primal void inside – after having achieved its completion – is emptied with brute force again, only, this time, while you are conscious of the pain.  So, I ask: How, then, do you remain in “the band of hope”?


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