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Don’t be afraid to be confused. Try to remain permanently confused.

George Saunders (b. 1958) ~

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[The following reflection is mine only and should not be associated with the author the quote above comes from.]

Are we all aware of the unwritten demands on us on a daily basis at all the possible levels a human being is known to exist in? Let me clarify the demands I am thinking about: Having to strip off of our personal needs, concerns and work-and family-related responsibilities -to the best that we can- in order to actively contribute to the well-being of other world-occupants. As a caring member of the largest society of all times we call “humanity”, I am utterly confused about how to balance those infamously insufficient 24 hours to honor also those commands. But, I know that I will always be happy to be confused about such surface dilemma. As for my own expectations from my self to make at least a slight difference for the good of humanity, I doubt that confusion will ever settle in with me.


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