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A new Sunday Reflections series, coming up (…a note to self: if not wise, seek advice…)

In dealing with life’s challenging aspects, do you find yourself seeking comfort in the statements (world famous or not) of individuals – the living as well as the dead, who seem to have attained wisdom? I do. More often than not, in fact. For I am not one who leads a wise life. Not even what can be defined vaguely as wise. At least not according to what I conclude from my occasional scan-readings of countless posts on some social media platforms regarding how-to-live-with this-with that-formulas for our lives.

If you have ever encountered overly joyous proclaims, prescribing an overnight recipe as to how to be happy with everything traumatic that comes our way, then you will understand why any pleasure I can possibly take in those types of announcements is exhausted by now…

As I have noticed only a short time ago, my antipathy for such overgeneralizing glee kept creeping up on me. I realized my emotional reaction was due to one tendency I had: for too long of a while, I had been equating the gleeful re-descriptions of traumatic life experiences with an anomalous exhibition of self-imposed perjury by those “others”. Instead of resisting their “attitudes”, though, I have decided to adjust mine then and there. Negativity was not suiting me after all. Sarcasm, maybe. But not negativity. Not even as acceptable as the worst outfit I had ever worn in public or in my home’s privacy. At least, not when I was donning such negative vibes for prolonged periods of time. As a result of my own dislike toward my moping-behind-the-back-of-others-phases, today’s reflection has come about, which signifies a forerunner to several others to follow in the upcoming weeks. I should probably call it what it really is: a much needed break from articulating negativity in any shape or form…

Having made all these disclaimers, I owe you one advance warning: be prepared not to always expect a rosy advice from the famed and wise (no sarcasm here) during my so-called vacation of serious intent in the land of positivity. Knowing myself (though not at all in the sense of the Ancient Greek aphorism), I suspect that I will end up making sure to sneak among the sunshiny statements of wisdom a few from the dark forces. My overactive mind, preoccupied with creating torturous concerns for me has, after all, proven itself time and again as quite a successful of a dictator when it comes to a disregard of common wisdom…




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