hülya n. yılmaz [sic]

My 60th B-Day Celebration

is a seasoned college instructor who views herself as a brutally slow-learning and therefore continually-suffering student of life. She finds consolation for such deficiency in creative writing. While the time hülya has dedicated to her academic career though spans over most of her life, the history of her literary work offers only a view over a modest number of years.

The literary language of her first choice is English, which is the second foreign language she has acquired; Turkish, her mother tongue follows in the second position. As for German – the first foreign language of her acquisition and the core element of her teaching objective, it comes in last. One other philosophers’ stone then reaches hülya at her freelance editor’s-desk, providing her with precious reading opportunities disguised as her clients’ manuscripts in different literary genres.

Trance, a collection of poems in English, German and Turkish (available from Inner Child Press, Ltd. and at Amazon) is hülya’s debut book of non-academic content. She hopes to edit and expand on this rather hastily compiled work of poetry of mostly personal nature some day (her haste, not her publisher’s). Throughout Trance, her own translations of her non-English poems appear in the book’s opposite pages. An Aegean Breeze of Peace (a publication of Inner Child Press, Ltd., also available at Amazon), which she has co-authored with Demetrios Trifiatis – a professor of Philosophy from Greece, is also a book of poetry. The Year of the Poet – now in its fourth year – is an international anthology to which hülya contributes with her poems every month, joining her Poetry Posse family, a large number of poets from various parts of the world.

Known by her family and within her closest friendship circle for her routine yearnings for opportune moments of time she can put on reserve outside the heavy demand on her daily schedule, responsibilities and commitments, hülya presently waits in patience (more or less) for a set of chances to begin to bring into completion her several writing projects.

Don’t just exist. Live. ~ hny, 2016
(A reminder more for myself than for others…)

44 responses to “hülya n. yılmaz [sic]

  1. Indeed exciting news, about a superbly interesting life, by obviously an equally interesting person whose writing demands continuation, which I will do so post-haste, and rest assured will come back to you without undue delay. I am impressed, and also curious to hear what moved you to read me. In any event I thank you for your interest.


    • Your visit pleases me very much, as I have been reading your poetry for quite some time – for its poetic mood, imagery but content as well, all of which seem so effortless, as were you to be conversing with your reader one on one. But then, there is the tone of it, an aspect of your writings I -at least for the time being – don’t seem to be able to explain. I enjoy it instead. The way poetry should, wouldn’t you agree? I, too, thank you for your interest.


      • I can but agree with your claim of enjoying in lieu of worrying on the question of tone, for without that poetic tone or if I may, my hiding place, I might have dried up long ago. Thus so admitting, as you can see I continue to remain in hiding of sorts. Call it poetic licence or prerogative, if you will.

        In the interim, if this small mystery as to my method of expression, keeps you interested in my scribbles, I am most thankful, not to mention truly honoured that you with such impressive baggage, continue to read me, and have been for some time. À bientôt.


        • I am, to my dismay, plagued with the age-old dilemma of human nature: a grave time restriction. I would, otherwise, have purchased your books long ago to be familiarizing myself with their essence. The “small mystery,” as you call it with modesty, behind your poems is utmost promising in its suggestion that the authorial intent may be attained after all. I am, as you see, revealing how I not merely enjoy your work but rather attempt to relive through your own questioning the tone you assign to them from your “hiding place.” I remain in gratitude for your interest in my work and the value you assign to it with your words. I, too, am honored but also humbled.


          • Most intriguing your being plagued by grave time restriction. I pray you mean to suggest grave as in serious. With what I have read of you so far I have no doubt about your occupation of time, and am pleased that you are able to read me just the same.
            As to you’re revealing the enjoyment you derive from my poems, this is to say the least appreeciatively flattering, and assuredly most encouraging. It is the kind of nourishment on which we hungry scribblers of poetry feed, as you a fellow poet, an accomplished one at that, is surely aware. Thank you ever so much for your kind and wonderful words. Again, à bientôt. JJ


            • I am humbled by your modesty (and thrilled with all the glorifying words you use regards my work…and, while not wanting to confess ever so publicly, want to send you my special thanks for sating that hunger we both seem to know too well – amid all our fellow poets). Yes, yes, with “grave” I merely was suggesting “serious.” Forgive me for indulging more than a bit in dramatization…Wonderful to know you have been here again. Teşekkür ederim. Thank you.


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