Remembering the Time Before the Pandemic . . . Monastir, Tunisia

Before the pandemic . . . when life was not all about being concerned for the well-being of your loved ones (or of yourself) . . .

Bill and I upon our late night-arrival in Monastir, Tunisia in 2018 for The Sea Sings Poetry Festival (I was as sick as I had not been in a long time – fever and all)
At the opening night ceremonies for the poetry festival, organized and implemented by dear Abdelhakim Rabéi (captured in the back in the photograph below, standing up)

Enjoying the privilege of being the second and last “foreigner”, and hence, receiving personal attention (the first one being the Honor Guest, William S. Peters, Sr. whose book, Tunisia, My Love, was launched) . . .

Two of the most beautiful children I have seen in my entire life (after my grandson and granddaughter, of course . . .)
The sea (anywhere) and this Sinopian woman = a time to celebrate! (What followed was dancing to our hearts’ content)
The final poetry reading night . . .

Şükran/Teşekkür ederim/Danke sehr/Thank you, dear Abdelhakim Rabéi for the breathtaking memories!


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4 responses to “Remembering the Time Before the Pandemic . . . Monastir, Tunisia

  1. Obviously beyond sounding like fabulous travelling experiences. The kind that one is likely to have heard bells before, during or after these said experiences. Does this impression ring a bell?

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    • Here I am, almost two months later, reading and finally replying to another one of your heart-warming comments, my dear Jean-Jacques. Could you possibly forgive me for my procrastination? Your impression most certainly rings a bell, dear one. As always, I thank you from the heart for your presence.

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  2. this post brings back fond and festive memories of our magical time spent together in Tunis and also all of the other ‘exotic’ countries, cities and homes we were so honored to be welcomed. . . . MAGICAL to say the least. And through it all, i was blessed with the greatest gift of your company. Oh the things poetry can do!!!!

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    • “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date” . . . We had a number of magical moments for sure. After all this time, I still ‘go’ to those places quite often, and remember how special it was to experience it all together with you. Ahhh, poetry, you are indeed amazing!

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