A Review of My Book, “this and that”

I would like to share with you the link to a book review I was rather late in discovering. I remain in utmost gratitude for the time and insight of scintilla.admin. For a writer to be read and understood to this extent is a cherished gift, one that I have not been able to reciprocate when the precious writings of many are concerned. I hope they will forgive me for allowing life to take over as far as priorities.

Book Review: this and that


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4 responses to “A Review of My Book, “this and that”

  1. justbill12

    Well deserved 💞💗

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  2. It is indeed a poignant and emotional work, with humor as well as with the more intimate personal poems of a revealing nature about Hülya’s sensitivities and poetic talent. I highly recommend Hülya’s “this and that” book of poems. A good poetry read not to be missed.

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    • When we write and situate that written work in front of the public eyes, we are vulnerable. When our work is read, knowing so endows us with an exceptional gift of life. When our work is also liked, we then dance of joy. How can I thank you enough for giving me the gift of a soulful dance?


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