A reminder . . .

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4 responses to “A reminder . . .

  1. The epitome of a good Samaritan…! At a time, our time, when most people don’t even know the meaning of the word. She was magnificent in living out the the many years of her life for others who were in desperate need.
    A wonderful choice reminder, dear Hülya, as an example to so many people who could easily follow her lead in a verity of ways, If only these individuals could think and feel outside their personal comfort and pleasure box…

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    • Dearest Jean-Jacques, first of all: My sincere apologies for this drastically late reply! Then: My thanks from the heart for hearing me as always! I, too, am “guilty” of still being trapped in that “personal comfort and pleasure box” of your mention. However, every single day, my spirit is being awakened to a higher level of consciousness, so much so that my entire being is no longer the same anymore.

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