“where have all the children gone”

where have all the children gone . . .

harvesting the “lost” children’s organs,
drinking their blood from fancy cocktails,
robbing the lifeline of the still-developing pure
to abet their miserable thirst for longevity
for their waste-filled useless frames
the rich and powerful are for long on their way,
covering the innocence with the darkest hue of red,
bludgeoning thousands of little ones
who are still unaccounted for . . .

“let’s get rid of them!”

how was the US built in the first place . . .

only the brain-dead are being readily fed
make-believe stories, over-flooded with lies

if they did at some point in their lives at all,
the perpetrators are no longer capable to possess
a trait that remotely resembles one of the humane
so, they devour their stolen feast and move on . . .

in the meantime,
thinking hearts are in pain,
for the lives of all those children
have been proven to be in vain once again

it seems, there is nothing that can be done
where have all the children gone . . .

(c) hülya n. yılmaz, May 1st, 2019


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10 responses to ““where have all the children gone”

  1. Thank you for your poignant message! Very scary this reality is!

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  2. I should add, that I sincerely sympathize with the good people of the United States of America who are subjected to the deplorable destructive antics of the Trump racist mentality and his supporters. I share your sadness and discomfort.

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  3. Well said on a topic of utter importance that has need of serious airing as well as being a stark reminder of the historic circumstances of their transplanted citizenship in and on this continent that includes the once great USA. This is about a country of immigrants all, save the first nations people, the original inhabitants, whose generosity in welcoming the European immigrants of various nations, were repaid for said welcoming with treachery, diseases, and warring, etc, until they were nearly wiped out. These new comer early immigrants, whose God Bless America decedents, have the audacity to bar new fellow immigrants indiscriminately in a Trump racist fashion, have become nothing less than a darkening shame on a now so-called free world no longer distinguishable as such, we are sad to admit and realize.

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    • Trump’s presence at large is an utterly disturbing reality for too many across the globe who listen, hear, read, react, respond, and think. Those who have been gifted with compassion, or better yet, with humanity as their base interest. Period. I thank you for every word you passionately post in your comment, but also for your keen analytical approach to this cancerous problematic at hand.


  4. Anonymous

    What a nightmarish reality we live in. If all this is true …Hell appears to be less and less threatening and more and more appealing !

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    • I do not share any posts on which I have not done research. True. Many will, however, argue against the facts – no matter what they entail, simply because truth can be utterly disturbing in terms of our comfort zones. “Hell”? Well, we are going through it.


  5. Anonymous

    What a nightmarish reality we live in. If all this is true …Hell appears to be less and less threatening and more and more appealing !


    • I will not repeat the reply I have sent a few minutes ago to your kind heart’s words. I will repeat one thing, though: “Hell”? We are most certainly in it. Hopefully, only going through it. In the hope for enlightened days, in the hope for humanity abandoning the dark ages . . .


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