“a secret life story”

a secret life story


it’s impossible for our live-records to stay unknown
even long after our skeletons’ offspring has outgrown
their offspring’s sketches donning the ruins of the land
there will always be a soul to give our grim tale a hand

has it not been so throughout the timeline of humanity
when will we begin to see this nightmare in full clarity
what more does it take to note the accomplished wrongs
why vow to look faraway while they parade in throngs


what kind of a delete-button did in your testimonies
you surely had some rational and trustworthy cronies
it cannot be that so little of you has been left behind
or was prenatally the multitude of your bands twined

you were after all the inhabitants of Southwest-U.S.A.
also of Mexico in its North and synchronized i daresay
what you achieved between 10,000 and 40,000 years
some of us would submit to just to forsake our sad tears

© hülya n. yılmaz, May 14, 2018

[Published by Inner Child Press International in the June issue of the fifth volume of The Year of the Poet]


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6 responses to ““a secret life story”

  1. As a kind of overview to my earlier reflection on your timely poignant and excellent compose, here is a line ever so appropriate to your “secret life story” contemplation.
    Thought it is a French play on words, aimed at the terrible street revolts presently taking place in France. It is easily translated, and its black humour is most certainly sad, but clearly spells out today’s indifference to the average and below average human being, that which I sense and feel in spades from your secret life story.
    Here is that French line, and I quote;
    ” Le Paradis pour certains, et pas de radis pour les autres!”…

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    • Oh my, I did something that was above my intent! How lucky I am in that regard! Thank you for the French quote. Next time, I will keep this insight in mind, dear Jean-Jacques. I always learn something from you. Have I ever told you so? Now, you know. My “secret life story” is nothing of a secret anymore, with regard to where I place myself in the perimeters of “today’s indifference”. Then again, I realize right away that I am aware of that mental and spiritual slip, and get back to “fixing” it – at least, in my heart and poems. Thank you once again. For you.


  2. And rightly so, you ask the question of when will we begin to see the nightmare? In the process of doing so you can but increase the burden of man collectively to face up to seeing what held men of power and assumed ability, we elect to positions of leadership simply end in serving no one but themselves and their obvious pawns. At the present rate of repetition, of a worsening faulty system, thus so since the creation of our so-called democracy, I ask, will this planet survive?

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    • I often find myself deep in my past-optimism, dear Jean-Jacques. Then, I make an effort to lift up my spirit to keep trying, trying to envision a planet filled with hope (and optimism to boost). I appreciate your keen attention to my words, which is an act of generosity I will never take for granted. Thank you, my dear friend.


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