“what else is left to do?”

what else is left to do
but to bow in highest respect
before the pens of a power
that overrules the brutality of the
surpassing time and space
as only the unwavering ink can do

now is the only time
and here, the only place
where we must and shall
unconditionally embrace
for one loss from our unity in diversity
is a cause for an irreversible tragedy
that will appoint us with no delay
to the expiry of our humanity

© hülya n. yılmaz, February 18, 2018

[Published by Inner Child Press International in the March issue of the fifth volume of The Year of the Poet]


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4 responses to ““what else is left to do?”

  1. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    Wow… what a magnificient discriptive piece of analitical composition. It evokes a nightmarish piece of reality, that will keep on growing, if we leave the redressing of it to the world powers that be, run by greed and money. Mankind of consequence must create alternatives to the existing merchants of destruction, starting now if this world is to survive this generation, thus to allow the existing children, and those of tomorrow to have a livable life!

    A very important piece of work, dear Hülya. Thank you for this!

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    • Ahh! My way of expressing the immense pleasure your comment gifts me with, dear Jean-Jacques . . . I am grateful for the time you take to not only read my poems but also to always lend me concrete feedback. Children? Whom else do we have to have hope survive . . .


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