Retiring from Academia

My Dear Friends -Readers, Commentators and Silent Followers Alike:

I now stand before another thrilling door of opportunities as I am retiring from academia, having had the amazing fortune to teach my beloved college students for over forty years. The date of my formal retirement from my faculty position at The Pennsylvania State University is June 30th, 2018. My 15+ years of association with this nationally and internationally noted university has been a most memorable and rewarding experience throughout my career’s journey. I shall miss the students whom I have encountered and come to love in my teaching-learning dynamics semester after semester over my teaching tenure. While this fact will remain in my heart and mind for the remaining of my days (assuming that Alzheimer’s will not knock on the door to keep me as a companion), I am in my highest eagerness looking forward to my new path where I will assume on a full-time basis the role of a writer, translator, languages- and literature-consultant, an editor and a lecturer on a global platform.

I will soon be back with my regular blog posts; that is, with (hopefully more of) my own work as far as creative writing, for which my hunger and thirst have already grown beyond my 24-hours-boundary for quite a while. In the meantime, my best wishes are on their way to each of you and yours.

Director of Editing Services, Inner Child Press International
Literary Translator, English-German-Turkish
(814) 769-0801


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6 responses to “Retiring from Academia

  1. all love to you dear soul . . . looking forward to the coming adventures in humanity

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Leaving one career to undertake a new or the expansion of a partially practised related other is not really retirement. As it is held, work is only work when you don’t like what you’re doing, which is not your situation. Thus said, I’ve no doubt that the continuation of discovery and creation in your future, now actual occupations will be nothing less than rewarding.

    Please keep a miniature corner in your memory to keep in touch with me, your Canadian friend.

    Bonne chance, in this next stage of your life, dear friend.



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    • Thank you wholeheartedly, dearest Jean-Jacques, my Canadian friend whom I utterly respect, admire and love. My memory will never have any difficulty thinking of you. Ever. The chances for new discoveries and amazements have come my way already, and I have not even officially retired yet. I am going to have writings, editing and traveling galore, if I can help it -and: I shall. I have thoroughly enjoyed my extended life of teaching. Now, it is time for me to enter other doors of fulfillment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For always being there for me with your extraordinarily insightful and supportive commentaries and wishes. My absolute best wishes to you and yours in every aspect of life!


  3. Congratulations as you embark on this new and exciting journey Dr. Yilmaz!

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    • My dearest Kathy, my exceptionally beautiful soul of a friend: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you are but foremost, for your precious friendship. Love and light!


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