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[Photo Credit: Self]

they faded away
into the mist above the mountain
little black birds of three
as small as my i lately appears to me

was it over there
where my near-sighted past aimed to see
or right here much farther away
at a distance anew
where today my mind dares to seek
an imagined door ajar
in the vastness of the land and its sky

little black birds of three
as small as i surely am to me
as small as we all are in reality
despite our effort-ed pretense

there is only one enormous entity
that is aware of our stature so miniscule
nothing at all next to the eternal grandeur
to continue to spread before and thereafter
behind us generations’ of lives later

the unfathomable expanse of the universe . . .

three little black birds
two little birds
one little bird

hülya n. yılmaz, 3.7.2018


Filed under Poetry, Reflections

2 responses to “. . .

  1. An awesome piece of writing …. very contemplative … I sense a tinge of lament … was it time to go home ?

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    • Thank you, dearest Just bill, for your insightful comment. There was no “tinge of lament”, however. I sensed freedom in my wings, and was right behind the last bird, letting myself soar with no emotional residue inside.


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