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How could we become our better selves, which I think we aspire to be, if we were not to experience routinely what the quote below suggests?

“Today again I am hardly myself. It happens over and over.”
Mary Oliver



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  1. Hardly, as in not completely, not quite, barely, scarcely, surd, hard or voiceless…? A commonly used description of supposedly human condition, though more so a convenient place to hide from ourselves and or others, which in a way, may answer your question of avoiding how to become a better person. In any event, makes one think…

    Have a happy Xtmas, and a Great New Year, dear Hülya




    • My sincere apologies for my late reply to your holiday wishes, dear Jean-Jacques. I want to hope you had lovely Christmas and New Year celebrations. Yes, on the Mary Oliver quote: It “makes one think”, indeed, as you have demonstrated in abundance. As always, my best wishes to you!


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