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“Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive – the risk to be alive and express what we really are.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz


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  1. Well, I would suggest that you’re taking said quote in a narrow sense is not surprising, considering your reasons. Ruiz’s reasoning on fear of death, versus fear of living, related to risk, is in essence an extremely narrow vision of expression on the subject, of the state of being related to fear.
    Ergo, I can but reason that you give Senior Ruiz’ s quote more importance than it merits, especially as it relates to your response. We all deal with our demons, and the fear they instill, as best we can in our own way. The important thing is to deal with them, so as to get on with one’s life, of which there is not much, and therefore no time to waste.

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  2. The idea of fear of living or words to that effect, as in risk to be alive are indeed attention getting.The word risk, among other interpretations suggests a “venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury”. Unless there is a loss in translation to Senior Don Miguel Ruiz’s quote, I fail to see or understand, our biggest fear be taking the risk to be alive, for whom in his right and healthy mind would choose to not be live, so as not to express who he or she really is…? Does the average human really care whom they really are, or enough to do away with themselves, for fear of coming up with a non self pleasing answer…? Life is short and precious, and being reasonably sane and reasonably healthy, we one way or another all wish to live out our lives to the maximum, regardless of who we really are!


    • Dear friend Jean-Jacques: I believe I have taken the quote in a narrow sense as not daring to live life thoroughly, fully, passionately out of fear of making a mistake, the act of which is (or can be) highly limiting when our wants, desires, dreams, fantasies of re-shaping the mundane in our lives to the extent we induce a paralysis at the core of our authentic beings, so much so that we are in actuality not living to our fullest (even semi-fullest) potential. What are your thoughts on my response, I so would like to hear …


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