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“Be like an alone peak high in the sky. Why should you hanker to belong? You are not a thing! Things belong!” ~ Osho


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  1. Osho’s hankering to be like a lone peek in the sky, suggesting that is for a thing, which humans are not. Contrary to his ostensible intent, might have been what the black people from Africa felt a wanting to attain, as opposed to being the slave things then owned by the southern US whites of the times. Ergo wouldst you not agree that nothing is ever that cut and dried, so as to question why, someone’s dire need might so hanker. Food for thought, n’est-ce pas…?

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    • I knew you would see through my surface intent, dear friend, I knew it! Yours is exactly how I have reacted to his “ostensible” claim when I first read it. On that small paper’s way to the trash bin, I held on to it … and the rest: that arrogant statement ended up as one of my Wednesday posts. My sincere apologies for making you think that I am in agreement with what is pronounced through the quote. More thoughts from my end? Plenty! But on a different platform … With my best wishes to you and yours as always!


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