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“It’s never the changes we want that change everything.” ~ Junot Diaz

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  1. Unfortunately for the thinking citizens of the United States, the changes they got was surely not the changes they wanted, nor will the changes Trump manages to make will be what they thought they would get.

    Sadly this change is already affecting the strength of the US economy, and his so called having the best and most in the world is already in a spits and sputters mode closing in on zilch, as his empty threats and rhetoric draws the world closer to potential extinction.

    How desperate and insecure our poor neighbours to the south must have and felt to gamble its totally dysfunctional, outdated and corrupted political system, for a worst version, the Trump attempt at a dictatorship way to hell. A so-called democracy, of for the people and by the people, though but a verbal intonation, that will be as it has always been intended, for the powerful and the very wealthiest of the people only who perpetuate that old wealthy boys club.



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