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“The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to be lifeless.” ~ Alan Watts


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  1. Makes one think, well at least it makes me think. That to a point and within limits there are certain issues to which permanent becomes lifeless, applies. And of these certain issues of which there are many, the first that comes to mind, is our so-called democratic political systems, worldwide. All of which have their permanency and lifelessness. However these so-called democracies, that ought to be less affected by permanence and lifelessness, is, in my opinion, so affected that the citizens of the supposed most progressively evolutionary country on this planet, once the USA, have had to resort to electing their present, to say the least, confusing leader Mr. Trump. We must suppose doing so in an effort to be disentangled from the permanency of the old boys club type of said so-called democracy, sadly a completely corrupt system there too as it is world-wide. Ergo its completely discouraged citizens who must have believed that a change for the worst was worth a try in lieu of the existing ever-worsening system of the permanent democratic lifeless old boys club and like leader again. However current evidence of the US situation seems to suggest that, permanent tending to lifeless, would have been preferable, at least till such time as an ideal system of, for the people, by the people, as in all the people and not just the fortunate people on the right side of the track people, wouldst be established to be anything but their failed democrat and republican old boys club system!




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