The 2017 Kosovo International Poetry Festival

PLEASE NOTE THE CORRECTIONS: My original post was incomplete with regard to the reference I made to the publishing enterprise of William S. Peters Sr., for, initially (1) I had missed providing an active link (added now), and (2) my titling was inadequate as the said enterprise has grown beyond the national boundaries, having become Inner Child Press International (corrected now). 

Good Sunday Dear Reader and Dear Visitor:

A few of my latest posts have not been of my own creative writings as those of you from whom I am fortunate enough to receive comments on my poetry know by now. Many upcoming posts (quotes, though meaningful to me) will follow suit for a while. I am in the midst of writing a book, which I am trying to complete before appearing at a highly exciting event between the 4th and 6th of September 2017: The Kosovo International Poetry Festival.

For this remarkable opportunity, I have two uniquely dear individuals to express my gratitude to -publicly this time: Fahredin Shehu, for inviting me to Rahovec, Kosovo where this multi-national celebration of poetry takes place. Dr. Shehu who has a large number of books in his publication record is the 2018 nominee for the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. He is also an established scholar, particularly in the fields of cultural and religious studies. In equal enthusiasm, I extend my appreciation to William S. Peters Sr., who has been an avid supporter and mentor within as well as beyond the perimeters of his publishing enterprise, Inner Child Press International -along with his steadily growing group of other authors also of my literary endeavors. Peters Sr. to whom belongs an extensive collection of his own written work was honored as Poet Laureate of the festival in 2015 where his contributions to literature, to society and to humanity at large were recognized with the prestigious Golden Grape Award at Rahovec, Kosovo.

I look forward to being back to my more personal and personable posts before too long, and to reconnecting with you once again through that wonderfully caring attention of yours. In the meantime, I wish you a memorable Sunday and far more beyond.



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2 responses to “The 2017 Kosovo International Poetry Festival

  1. Thank you dear Hülya …. I am humbled. We are do looking forward. Bless Up. 🌼🌻🌞💞

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    • I would be most happy to accept your thank you now, dear Bill, since I have made two necessary corrections on my post. Prior to doing so, I felt that thanks were not quite deserved. Bless up ❤


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