. . . and no, I am not talking about a sewer system or running water!

the privilege of worrying over matters of life
too many on Earth haven’t even heard of
let alone
having ever had a turn
at the luxury of taking them for granted

i have been thinking of those
with utmost attention these days
you have probably guessed one or two
or sensed what has possibly been on my mind

believe me you are not in any riddle-like thrall
i just am convinced
convinced strongly indeed
that none of us need a new news feed
about this world we call ours after all

© hülya n. yılmaz, 5.22.2017


Filed under Poetry, Reflections

3 responses to “. . . and no, I am not talking about a sewer system or running water!

  1. of course you already know 🙂


  2. Your poem speaks volumes about information overload, that offers nothing save confusion and pessimism, justifying that old adage of “stop the world I want to get off”.

    Indeed we are no longer in any need of the current so called news feed. For in any event most of its convoluted rhetoric is guised to stall any possible commitment to make right what is needed, as all solutions are beyond the mental capacity and capabilities of most of our world leaders and man’s greed. The few who offer any potential, such as the new French President, has us full of wishful thinking, that others like him with his level of intelligence can be found in time to give light at the end of man’s self made tunnel of defeat and destruction.



    • During my too-young-to trouble-with-awareness years, I had a song in my tape recorder (…I feel ancient all of a sudden) titled, I believe, the same up to the “get off” part -instead, it was about ‘wanting to dance’ while the world stopped. Imagine how tragically great our loss is that we are tempted to abandon what all of us have contributed to build . . .


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