“the breakwater”

foaming from the mouth
the waves drench the sky
it bows down in respect
drops itself closer

de-powered helpless useless
seeking refuge atop the breakwater
anything human-made then gets its turn…

nature’s offsprings
graceful untethered
are enwrapped
in a dance step
we’ll never learn

a duckling
looks out of place at first
but holds sway with ease
over Lake Erie’s vast space
naturally it will find its own kind
i however just sit here and mope behind

©hülya n. yılmaz, 3.9.2017


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4 responses to ““the breakwater”

  1. Ah… what a beautiful contribution to the world of poetry. Of what I have read of your work ” the breakwater ” is now in the lead, in all its abstract splendor. It expresses nature’s human side, as if it has taken on a human role, yet deserted by its own volition of seeking sanctuary in humanity’s lost cause. Hence reduced to the level of helplessness of the world of tiny creatures which in reality is no different than our so-called human species. The freedom you create in the poetic tableau, allows one to feel the importance of abstractness, thus to interpret ones own emotions, that you awaken in this poetic rendering. Bravo for this wonderful poem!

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    • I will never tire of reading your elaborate and truest interpretations of my poems in your unique elegance, eloquence and sincerity, dear Jean-Jacques. And I read them at one breath but multiple times -foremost, to indulge myself in your awe-rising choice of words and thoughts but then also to better understand where and to which extent the reader-writer/writer-reader connection, hence that crucial communication, materializes. And all of “this”, coming from a poet like yourself, is of such immense value for me that I am incapable to adequately express.


  2. there seems to be much between the lines here . . . a very emotive write, at least that is what i see and feel. Nicely done.

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