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[My pre-January 2017 mid-week posts – “Eternalist Notions”, all of which had a set of three dots as their titles are still in my blog’s menu but under a new name: “Impulses”.]

With a new semester just having begun, I heard my own voice once again last week repeating sections of my course syllabi regarding the importance of regular and timely attendance and active and qualitative participation in a foreign language class. And, just like numerous times before (more frequently so in the last several years) my mental energy took off; namely, in the direction of this concept’s significance outside the classroom (back in my office – not in front of my students):

Could I even remember anymore what participating actively and qualitatively in occurrences outside my areas of responsibility meant? 

How often, to what extent and in what quality was I actually participating in life? In my own, that is.

(Perhaps, to be continued.) 

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