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[Photo Courtesy: My daughter; Sinop, Turkey]


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  1. She certainly does, Jean-Jacques. One day, when her little children are grown enough, she might go back to her old pursuit of becoming a professional photographer – she was in Honors Photography classes during her early schooling. As for the joy of being there, it was of epic proportions just like the despair following it soon after this view was taken. Nature’s beauty was a gentlest hand to hold on to, however. As for my brief words, I needed some to take me to my father’s recent death in the hope that I would dare to let go of my security blanket…


  2. Daughter has an eye for capturing nature’s beauty… that which has one imagine what the joy of being there must be… With a little stretch, said one can relate to missing out as in not being there, thus blind to imagining what the talented author/poet must be saying, in a language we limited mortals lack, alas in the ability to understand the words.


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