10 out of 196: Not Nearly Enough

The number of the countries in the world today is said to amount to 196 (195, if Taiwan were to be not included in this total since many countries do not accept it as an official country). According to the Global Peace Index 2016, only ten out of the 196/195 countries are identified as being “completely free from conflict (Adam Whitnall, Senior Reporter in: The Independent, June 8, 2016)”: BotswanaChileCosta RicaJapanMauritiusPanama,
QatarSwitzerlandUruguay and Vietnam. If you find the prognosis for world peace as disturbing as I, the article below is a helpful step to take toward being well-informed about related facts first. The report also serves as a motivator toward more determination: namely, to exhaust all feasible venues in order to extend this tragically impoverished list.

“Global Peace Index 2016: There are now […]”





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4 responses to “10 out of 196: Not Nearly Enough

  1. thank you for sharing this consciousness . . . . as they say sometimes “we can not see the trees for the forest”


  2. How befitting are your words: “we the so called human race”…We are living in dire times, and our race needs our tender-loving attention. Otherwise, what will the incoming generations have inherited…


  3. Thank you Hülya, for sharing, and in the process exposing this mind boggling terrifying statistic. Have we reached so low, we the so called human race, as to have but half of one percent of this world’s nations that can boast of being completely free from conflict…? Based on the nations listed, it does not say much for the rest of sad forsaken planet !


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