Which statement appeals to you the most?

Plato is known to have described – “[w]ithin the human mind or soul” – Reason “as being the natural monarch which should rule over the other parts, such as spiritedness and the emotions (Source of the Quote).”

Yasutani Haku’un, “the first abbot of […] an independent lay organization of Zen practice[,]” has been quoted as having claimed the following on the same subject:

“It is probably possible to control the brain so that no thoughts arise, but that would be an inner state in which no creativity is possible.”

Knowing too well that I am oversimplifying the core matter of focus here, I still want to take the liberty of raising my title-question: Which life view have you been housing inside; that is, if you haven’t changed lanes?


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3 responses to “Which statement appeals to you the most?

  1. Thank you for your thought provoking questions! I find that Plato’s thoughts don’t allow for spiritedness, which, in moderation, isn’t all bad. Yasutani Haku’un does realize that inner creativity can be a good thing! Great quotes to contemplate!

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    • And I thank you for further provoking thoughts. I agree with you on both counts: balance between the two assertions may work out for some of us, while one or the other – whether in moderation or not – for the rest of us. I am glad you liked the quotes and have contemplated right here.


    • And then…there is Jung, dear Kathy, whose claim is creating a more “torn out” feeling in me: “The more critical reason dominates, the more impoverished life becomes. . . Overvalued reason has this in common with political absolutism: under its dominion, the individual is pauperized.” Hmm, . . . on second thought, there is no “torn-in between” reaction on my behalf after all: I am with Jung . . . I think . . . maybe . . . or . . . (reason trying to win over inside me, as seen in action ~ smiles, dear friend!)


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