Are We Being or Rather Becoming?

The following statement by OSHO didn’t have a chance of escaping my attention, nor was it able to prevent its being ripped out of an old desk calendar in which I found it:

“Be – don’t try to become.”

He is no longer among us. If he had been with the living still, he would have heard a persistent knock on the door of his residence. With me waiting to tap on it again. And again. For the claim is that he had attained spiritual awakening, as he details the process with his own words in “My Awakening” . . . Oh, how desperately I would attempt to learn from him how one can achieve that kind of stillness inside, to that ultimate extent . . . to abandon all effort “to become” and just to be. I would devour any word he may have been willing to say only for my sake. To teach me fast. Because I am pitifully tired of becoming. Aren’t you?


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